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Whenever you’ve got a problem with your home’s driveway or security gate, we’re the ones to call. And if you have any question about your gate, first check out our informative FAQ section below, and if the answer’s not there, give our office a call.

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What are gate safety loops?

The loops have a rectangular shape and consist of wire that has special insulation. The end of the wire is connected to a device called a loop detector. There is typically one safety loop on each side of the gate. When a car passes over the loop, the detector sends a signal to the motor to keep the gate open and prevent it from closing on the vehicle.

Can the same panels be used for both swing and sliding gates?

Some manufacturers offer such multifunctional panels which are suitable for both types of gates. This gives you flexibility when it comes to installation. If you decide to switch from one type of gate to the other, you will just need to replace the hardware. When considering multifunctional panels, you should know that there is a limited choice of sizes and designs.