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Electric Gate

Modern electric gates are becoming more sophisticated with every release. Opener ranges are becoming increasingly affordable and more widely available. This means more features and better models on offer. What hasn't changed much is how challenging electric openers can be to install and setup correctly. Here we go over a few of the most important reasons to always rely on a professional to ensure your electric opener is installed perfectly.

Specification Issues

It can be common for homeowners with little experience to buy off the shelf opener systems designed to be fitted by the consumer. If the electric motor within one of these systems is not powerful enough to handle the weight of your gate, some serious issues can develop. The components within the opener will be excessively strained including the motor itself. The doors movement is likely to become increasingly poured, slowing over time until it eventually fails to move at all. Openers damaged from improper use can mean a voided manufacturer guarantee. A professional would ensure your opener specs match up with your gate design before going ahead.

Sensor Positioning

This can be one of the most tedious aspects of the system. Safety sensors are sensitive to misalignment and disturbances in their line of sight. Fitting them perfectly can be difficult unless you have a wealth of experience doing so.

Signal Strength

From the positioning of the antenna to the programming of the remote, an expert will be able to make sure your gate responds properly to its commands. Many openers come with sophisticated programming equipment that can present a cluster of tedious issues if you have little or no idea how to use them.

Professional Electric Gate Services

Gate Repair Frisco offers professional repair and installation for all types of electric gates. We specialize in residential electric gate systems and can be counted on to ensure your gate is functioning exactly as intended. Don't delay your new gate installation any longer because you lack the time or patience to carry out this demanding task. Let us take care of it for you with expert precision.

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