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Gate tips and ideas from our specialists

We’re the local gate professionals and we’ve sold and serviced hundreds of driveway gates in the area, so we know gates better than anyone else. For some of our ideas and suggestions about the operation of your gate, check out our informative tips section below.

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Security Gate Locks are Essential to Make Your House Burglar-Proof

The majority of residential entrance ways do not have a security lock. They just have clasps made of iron or aluminium located on the top of the railings that hold the do ors together when closed. These can be unfastened by anyone, including even thieves who can easily gain entrance to your driveway and then to your house. Other than the requirement of keys or access cards, locks will also make your house look more safeguarded than your neighbors’.

Keep the Backup Battery on Check to Avoid Off-Guard Incidents

Automatic electric gates primarily work on electricity sourced from the mains, which is also responsible for providing power to your house. As a measure, backup battery kits are installed with automatic security gates so that their functioning is not interrupted in case of a mains failure. Since batteries are made of chemical compounds and they can discharge power even if they are not used, it is important to check them regularly. Our maintenance services cover everything, including batteries.