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Gate Repair Frisco

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Hours Of Operation

  • Mon-Fri: 6am-10pm
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Gate Repair Frisco

Security is a real issue for many of us, and you will want to protect everything that you have worked long and hard for. Your gates are in use on a regular basis, and as such they will be subject to wear and tear that could cause them to fail eventually. Hinges break, openers fail, and even panels will rust away if not properly maintained. Faulty gates are not only a nuisance when you use them; they are also an easy way for someone to get onto your property uninvited.

This is where our team at Gate Repair Frisco comes in! We are one of the best and most affordable repair companies in Texas. Through us you can get your gateways up and running perfectly. We use reliable yet affordable spares and our technicians are some of the best and most experienced in the area. Contact us and we will be there shortly to ensure that your property is secure once again.

We can provide you with help and support with all forms and styles, and will ensure that your repairs are always completed to a high standard with an absolute minimum of fuss and disturbance.

Frisco Gate Repair Service

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Gate Services

Automatic Gate

Our electric gate repair services include expert installation maintenance, professional repair and all openers services. Call us today to arrange a call out or to have more information regarding your specific gate issue.

Gate Repair Services

Door openers sometimes get stuck, hinges rust and stop working, and intercom systems malfunction. But our professional gate repair services can solve all these problems and more. Learn more about our services.

Residential Gate

Contact us today to take advantage of our residential gate expertise.  We offer maintenance, repair and replacement parts gates of all types and makes. For more information, read on!


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What Repair Services Do We Offer?

The following are just a few of the services we at Gate Repair Frisco offer:

Quick Hinge Repairs and Replacements

Hinges are often one of the first areas to fail, especially on gates that are in constant use. We offer professional hinge welding repair, and not only will the hinge be fixed, but it will also swing as well as it did when it was new. Our technicians will make sure that your installation is hung square, and opens and shuts perfectly. We can also provide you with affordable and reliable new hinges where the installation is not suitable or economical enough for welding.

Rotten Gate Repair: as good as New

Even with the best of care, you will often find that wrought iron gates start to come apart at the joins or that panels will start to rust away; often leaving sharp edges that are a real hazard. Our experts will review the work that is required and can provide you with replacement panels and other components to match the look of the original. Welding can often be done on site quickly and with a minimum of mess and fuss ensuring that it is functional, secure, and looking great again as quickly as possible.

Electronic Opener Repair and Replacement

From your driveway gate opener to residential entry openers we have the skills to fix those annoying problems. Whether the issue is with your clicker remote or you need a motor replacement, we can make sure things will go back to normal. Our staff can quickly troubleshoot the issues to identify exactly where the problems lay and can often make effective repairs there and then. If replacement components are required, we at Gate Repair Frisco are able to provide the parts that will do as an effective or an even better job than the originals.

Secure Gateway Installation

There will, however, come a time when you will just have to bite the bullet and replace an old and worn out gateway. Our service technicians can help you get that custom made or off the shelf replacement fitted perfectly and functioning exactly as it should be, in no time at all.

Our technicians are experienced in all forms of gates and styles of opening as well as all of the different brands, from Ramset to Doorking Openers. You can also count on us to install a modern intercom system, such as Aiphone intercom or Linear.

Gate Repair Frisco at Your Service!

With qualified and experienced technicians on our team, you can be sure that your experience with us will be a positive one. Contact us at Gate Repair Frisco today for a quick and reliable solution to all of your repair and replacement needs!





What a quick fix!

“I expected to wait for hours for a technician after placing a repair call to your company. Imagine my surprise when someone from your team showed up promptly and fixed my broken gate just as promptly! What a great company!”

Hope Nestor

Leave it to the professionals

“I always try to save money wherever I can and fixing my electric gate opener was no exception. Not only did your company stay within my budget, but you did such a professional and amazing job!”

Sophia Leigh Black

No need to worry

 “When my wife called to tell me that our driveway gate was busted, I was quite worried as to what it would cost to fix it. However, your company provided professional services at really competitive rates! Well done!”

Ezekiel Masters

Truly service with a smile!

“Your company recently sent one of your technicians to work on my broken driveway gate opener. What a pleasure this young gentleman was! He was always professional and always had a smile ready! Great service!”

Elizabeth Anne Rostov